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How to Clean a Wool Rug

If the newest addition to your domestic environment is a brand new wool rug, then it will be good to learn some information on how to maintain it to preserve its good look for a longer period. Wool rugs are probably the best type of rugs that actually exist. They look great and are easy to clean.

If you are wondering how to preserve the new look of your wool rug, because you have never had such addition to your domestic interior, then here are a few carpet cleaning tips that will help you to manage the situation.

  1. It is really important to vacuum your wool rugs more regularly than usual during the first two years of their use. So, if you have a new wool rug vacuum it at least twice a week to remove the dust and dirt from it. This way you will not only preserve your domestic environment from germs and bacteria, but will prolong the life of your wool rug, too. It is important to remove spills and stains on your wool rug immediately.
  2. The best way to clean a wool rug is by using the dry rug cleaning method. If you wash the rug, you may damage it. To clean stains on wool rugs, you do not have to rub the affected areas with pressure as this may damage the wool surface.
  3. If you use any chemical solutions to clean your wool rug you must test them first every time before use on some hidden area of the rug. Carpet cleaning in UK professionals say that wool rugs are sensitive to bleach-based detergents and some chemicals that can damage the wool fabric permanently.

Best Way to Clean Copper

I’m sure that the most of you know which is the best way to clean cooper and it’s the green way using some natural products. Cleaning your cooper items the green way will save you some money. Cleaning in UK experts will help you by sharing a few tips on the best way to clean copper.

Read the recipes in the guidelines below and start to mix your household ingredients and do some magic. Cleaners in the UK start with their advice.

1. The first way is really easy and for that step, you’ll need some lemon juice and baking soda. Add a tablespoon of baking soda and several tablespoons of lemon juice into a cup, mix well and rub the solution until the grime is completely gone. Use a clean cloth to polish the copper item.

2. Another green way to clean your copper object is by using salt and vinegar. Pour some vinegar and sprinkle some soda over the item and start rubbing. When the grime is completely removed, cleaning in UK experts advise you to rinse off and polish using a dry cloth.

3. The last home-made solution includes lemon and salt. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice from only one lemon and add a bit salt. Form a paste and start rubbing it over your copper item. Cleaners in the UK recommends using a soft cloth. Rinse off with warm water and polish with a dry cloth.