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Cleaning Upholstery the right way

Upholstery cleaning is normally performed using hot water extraction machine along with appropriate cleaning products. Companies normally use professional cleaning equipment from Prochem a market leader for supplying carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment and materials. Please note that some stains on upholstery surface would be very difficult to remove as this would normally require an immediate treatment and can be left for a long time for the stain to go into the fibres. If you accidentally stained your upholstery notify a professional cleaning company immediately.

Top 3 Home-made Recipes for Water Stains Removal

In the article below, the professional UK cleaning team will share some interesting recipes. Learn which are the top three home-made recipes for water stains removal and become a master in the bathroom cleaning. How? You will learn in the guidelines.

The key of success is cleaning regularly and using the proper solutions. When we talk about water stains, you should choose a solution that will dissolve the mineral deposits. In the instructions below, you will learn how to prepare these home-made recipes for water stains removal very quickly. You can be sure that they are tested by the professional UK cleaners.

1.The first recipe is made by lemonade. Use an empty spray bottle for the mixture. Fill it with two cups of water and a packet of lemonade flavoured drink mix. Shake very well and spray the solution on the glass surface that you want to clean. Scrub and use a sponge to wipe off the solution. Rinse very well.

2.In the second recipe, the UK cleaning experts use baby oil. Apply a thin layer to the surface that you want to clean. Use a clean dry towel to apply it. Rub the surface and don’t rinse. This recipe won’t only remove the water stain, but it will protect the cleaned surfaces.

3.The last recipe uses furniture polish. You should use a polisher that has lemon or orange in its ingredients. Spray the polish onto the surface and scrub off the mineral deposits. Wipe and rinse very well with soapy water to remove the residue. Use a squeegee to wipe clean.

For more details about the top three home-made recipes for water stains removal, contact the professionals. The UK cleaners will explain to you immediately more about them.