The Different Types of Cleaning Services

There are several types of cleaning services available to the businesses and to the consumers. For certain amount of money, a man or a woman, or even more people will come to your home and will make it clean. If you are from the people who can afford this, it would be a great way to free up some of your time, while the busy work is on.

The most usable and often met practice is to set up weekly cleaning services with a housecleaning company. Ergo, the commercial cleaning company will send one or more people to your house one time a week, to clean your home while you are home or out. A cleaning service might clean the whole house, or it may be set on a rotating schedule, by you if specific areas need to be cleaned more frequently the others. Another interesting option, similar to the previous one, is bi-weekly cleaning, this will mean that, a cleaner shall come to your house on every two weeks, or on every month. If a regular schedule is set up, the cost will be less per visit.

Finally, if you own a big house, hiring a maid is a good option. The maid may come to your house every day or may live in your house. It is good to check for references and meet with someone to feel more at ease, if you are intending to hire any cleaning service. To trust the people cleaning your home is very important. Mostly, the cleaners will bring their own cleaning solvents, supplies and cleaning tools. There is no need to buy supplies for the cleaners at all, except if you want to be cleaned with exact solvent. It is most important to make sure that the cleaning company is insured, and gives some kind of guarantee or insurance against any kind of damage to your belongings. Many other cleaning services include carpet cleaning and office cleaning. Office cleaning is almost every time more expensive, and is basically hired on at least, on weekly basis.

Tip: Clean Your Kitchen Like a Pro

a clean kitchenFor some people kitchen is the favourite room of all. Because it’s the main area for cooking and eating, every kitchen must be the cleanest and sanitized place in your home. Read this article and learn how to clean your kitchen like a pro.

There is no need to be a cleaning freak in order to maintain your kitchen tidy and neat. However sometimes that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Follow some cleaning tips from professional cleaners Bethnal Green and taking care of your kitchen wouldn’t be so painful.

The first step is to remove all items, which place isn’t there. Put everything where it belongs and you will be ready to start with the actual cleaning.

Start with the oven. Choose your cleaning products wisely, either a commercial cleaner, or natural home made cleaning solutions from baking soda and vinegar.

Continue with the ceiling, then the walls. Dust everything good and even scrub if necessary. Clean also the windows inside and out.

Once finished, the hard part comes – kitchen cabinets. Take everything out and clean the inside. Don’t forget the handles, as that is the dirtiest part.

Dust out all kitchen appliances you have, then clean all counters where they stand. Always use an appropriate cleaning product and dry after you finish. Make your kitchen sink spotless with baking soda and vinegar. Pour equal parts of those products down the drain, let it stay for about 10 minutes and flush it with cold water.

Vacuum the floor. Cleaners Bethnal Green strongly recommend to move around the furniture, so that you can reach even the dustiest places like behind the fridge and under the sofa. Wash the floor with a mop after and dry it at the end. Now you know how to clean your kitchen like a pro.